Friday, April 11, 2008

The Seventh and Final Book of Despero, the Reborn (Aug.-Sep. 1986)

"On my homeworld of Kalanor, I experienced pain and purification in the Flame of Py'tar. Now I possess a power beyond description. At a whim, I change matter to energy and energy to matter. I am like unto a god. No... not like a god...

Despero created a fire-breathing dragon from the stone of Gotham City, and launched it at the five standing members of the Justice League of America. "Enjoying yourself, Despero," asked Batman, before calling him a madman. "I hope your other friends show up soon... Superman, the Flash, Green Lantern. I've a special treat prepared for them... Mad or sane, who are you to judge such as me? See what I've accomplished already? As my will extends outward from this central point, I alter reality to fit my desire... remaking first Gotham City, and soon the entire planet in an extending circle, like ripples spreading in a pond. Earth is my world now. My... plaything... to do as I please... until at last I tire of the novelty, and crush it like an unwanted toy."

The League defeated the dragon, which in turn caused Despero great pain, and from there, great anger. The city block the team stood upon exploded, toppling them. In the peace that followed, Despero discussed his origins with Batman, then stepped back into his terrestrial facimilie of Py'tar. "Once I have renewed myself in the embrace of this ember of the true flame, then shall I begin to play in earnest." Batman of course escaped, and freed Vixen to aid the League. The Dark Knight himself disrupred Despero's renewal process, raising his ire. "You've made an unfortunate mistake, little man. For the last time, you have underestimated the power I gain from immersing myself in the Flame of Py'tar. And as well, you've underestimated the sheer hatred I feel for you and your companions in the Justice League. Allow me to make myself clear." Despero recaptured and began torturing the Caped Crusader, but Batman asserted, "Destroying me isn't enough for you. You won't be satisfied till I beg. I won't give you that satisfaction. So no matter what you do to me now, Despero... I win. For all your power, you're a loser. A pathetic little..." but his words were cut shorted by an eyebeam blast.

Vixen came to the rescue, though by this point Despero had grown in stature, so that she ran headlong into the back of his knee. "Woman, your death will be long and painful." The rest of the League continued the offensive. The most effect in direct approach was Gypsy, responding to painful injury inflicted upon her crush Steel. "In his mind, he knows this isn't happening. It's a trick by the girl who calls herself Gypsy, as much an illusion as the chameleon effect by which she hides herself at will. But in his heart, he knows only panic as the Solar Corona sears his skin, worse than the Flame of Py'tar, eating him alive... and he screams!"

Through information passed from Batman, Martian Manhunter employed Vibe to attack the source of Despero's new might, the terrestrial Flame of Py'tar, while he ran defensive against stone demons. "Like some enormous candlewick struck by an errant breeze, the Flame of Py'tar...blows out. For Despero, he who named himself the Destroyer, the effect is instantaneous and dramatic. Without an outside power source to feed on, he consumes himself. The next half second is really quite spectacular. And when it's over, it's over."

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