Sunday, May 4, 2008

The JLA/Avengers You Never Saw (2003)

"Originally, in #3, the plan was for the second act to involve the JLA and Avengers characters on very different worlds, and in very different versions of themselves -- essentially, we'd see the classic Marvel take on DC heroes, full of violent emotion, and a classic DC take on the Marvel heroes, rife with fictional cities, Schwartzian SF ideas and more... DC-side editor Dan Raspler felt it just didn't work... hurt the momentum... too much like the Amalgam event..."

"A reality ripple (a shift in reality...) hits -- essence, we see the DC version of Marvel heroes, with Cap operating out of the Pentagon in Capitol City..."

"Iron Man is Professor Stark, who tells stories to his students of his science-missions piloting the Iron Man automaton in strange adventures..."

"We see the Marvel version of DC heroes -- a youngish, tormented Superman, who failed to save his people, plunging them into suspended animation... a Martian Manhunter torn between his love for Earth and his loyalty to the invading army he's supposed to be a spy for..."

"History contradicts itself... They're getting reports of ghost planets, or dual planets (maybe Killraven's Martians are discovered in the ruins of J'onn J'onzz's civilization...)"

Written by Kurt Busiek. Pencil art detail by George Pérez from his unfinished 1983 project.

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