Thursday, May 8, 2008

Justice League 1.1: Secret Origins, Part One (11/17/01)

Disclaimer: Knowing full well there is a wealth of resources available to fans of the "Justice League" animated series, I have no intention of doing a bunch of dry story synopsis with the occasional new screen grab. I will chronicle, within reason, J'Onn J'Onzz's specific journey over the course of the series, but chiefly I will be reviewing the episodes through my own jaundiced perceptions.

J. Allen Carter was on a manned mission to Mars when he stumbled upon an ancient alien ruin, a discovery that went unreported...

Two years later, Senator Carter spearheads an international nuclear disarmament initiative, aided by Superman.

Aliens disguised as scientists sabotage a deep space monitoring station, despite the intervention of Batman and Superman, the latter of whom is felled by some sort of psychic feedback.

Even as the disarmament process nears completion, the Man of Steel continues to suffer from telepathic terrors.

A meteor strike in Metropolis yields towering extraterrestrial mechanical menaces the likes of which have gone unseen since H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds." Kryptonian might and all the firepower of the Batwing show little result. Superman again faces a mental intrusion, this time leading toward an answerable source.

On the hidden paradise island of Themyscira, Queen Hippolyta and Princess Diana consider the fate of the outside world.

The Dark Knight tracks his World's Finest partner to a seemingly abandoned military base, which Superman is tearing through. Together, they uncover a Martian mentalist held firmly in technological bondage, at least on the material plane. Batman asks, "What is it?" As he steps to liberate the lime figure, Superman answers, "Mankind's only hope." The alien is weak, and is caught by Kal-El before he can fall straight to the floor. "He's been trying to reach out to me telepathically, but that stasis field interfered. When his message finally broke through, I came to rescue him."

"The invasion! I came to warn you, but I was captured and imprisoned here. They wouldn't listen."
Batman chided, "Big surprise," with considerable suspicion.
"I sense you do not trust me. Perhaps this will help." The Martian shifted his shape to appear both more human and superhuman, garbed in a similar fashion to the super-heroes. He stepped toward the Caped Crusader, hand outstretched in friendship. "I am J'Onn J'Onzz." The gesture led to nothing. "Don't take it personally, J'Onn. He doesn't trust anyone." Grimly, J'Onzz acknowledged, "A wise policy."

The trio exited the base on foot, only to find themselves in the glare of spotlights, the military force proclaiming, "Our orders are to keep that freak here!"
"Wait, I'll vouch for him," answered Superman. "You must let us go!"
"I don't think so."
"But the world's security may be at stake."
"That's why he'll never leave here alive."

The troops altered their appearance to that of the semi-transparent, faceless invaders that have plagued the Earth...

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