Saturday, July 5, 2008

Martian Manhunter Memorial Moratorium

I've been terrible about posts the last week or so, both here and at sister blogs. Part of the problem is a physically demanding new job, as well as a slew of computer and internet complications I still haven't recovered from. However, the Idol-Head specifically has been killing my blogging enthusiasm.

The idea for the memorial month was synopsis of what I feel were among the best Martian Manhunter stories not already covered, or wrapped-up in restrictive continuity. I hope I pretty much accomplished that already. However, there was some juggling of synopsis that had complications that prevented me from posting them, and my own stupidity at not calling it a day at the end of June. In trying to tack on a "humor" week and end on a specific "House of Mystery" story, I've stretched myself too thin and caused daily posts to sputter and skip here. I'm sorry about that.

My current plan is to take a few days this week to multi-post, then spread them through the archives to plug any holes. Regardless, Monday should be the last day of synopsis posts here for a few weeks. They take a lot of time to research and write-up, get few replies, and have been known to cause hits to decrease. I'm glad that wasn't the case this month, and hope everyone enjoyed the time for remembrance. The thing is though, synopsis are a time for me to "talk," and most everyone else just "listens." DC Comics killed off a favorite character of folks who visit here, and everyone should have opportunities, if they're so inclined, to speak up about it. I'll hopefully have some more interactive fare to open up the dialogue a bit more upcoming.

Also, I hope I can work the bugs out of my scanning. My scan-fu was once strong, but I lost some components to my software that really has hobbled me. I just didn't appreciate TWAIN until it was gone, like many with their Martian Manhunter.

Anyway, this is the official "comment on Memorial Month" post, and I'll have more goodness for you on Sunday and thereafter...


Anonymous said...

Howdy Frank, I just wanted to let you know that I'm still reading your work here, especially now that they've cast J'onn off so cavalierly. I was surprised to see that you haven't said anything about the actual issue in which it happened. This saddened me, as I was looking forward to you ripping it apart.

Diabolu Frank said...

Glad you're still reading, Benton!

I've tossed a comment the death on occasion here, and mentioned Final Night #1-2 here and at ...nurgh... I haven't had a lot to say about the comics themselves, because unlike most folks, I really don't mind how Morrison and Jones are handling the matter. The murder, funeral and reaction have been handled in a unique, subdued manner that befits the character they buried. I'm sorry that it happened, but I don't blame the creators, nor feel their work has been lacking.

No, this is all part of the plan since Dan Didio was handed the reins at DC, and I'd rather see J'Onn placed on the inactive list rather than suffer more revision or guilt by association with that sorry company.