Friday, August 1, 2008

fotolog highlights for may/june 2007

Not long after starting this blog, I received a message from a fellow under the alias "Zoiber," a Spanish "Detective Marciano" fan. Zoiber seems intent on collecting every Martian Manhunter image on the internet, and he was hoping it was okay with me if he started taking mine. I explained my belief that no one has the right to withhold a scan of a copyrighted image, so of course any of mine he cared for were fair game. Of course, a link is always nice, and bandwidth theft is just that, but you figure that goes without saying.

So anyway, Zoiber's been running an online catalog of these images since the start of 2007, and it just might be a bit of a task to get through them all, though I'm sure the process would be rewarding. I began covering highlights for jan/feb 2007 and mar/apr 2007, so I figure it's about time I picked up where I left off...

J'Onn likes the Mini-Oreos
Cartoon Networking
JLA: Earth 2 cover
Justice League Heroes video game
...screengrab 2
...screengrab 3 (with Zatana)
...screengrab 4
...screengrab 5 (Natural form vs. White Martian
Mister Martian splash page
Very loose Walt Simonson Natural Martian
Tim Smith sketch
Martian Manhunter vs. The Vision by Kevin Maguire
Tommy Lee Edwards piece?
Manga Miss Martian
Miss Martian by Todd Nauck
There IS a Martian Manhunter Super Amigos card!!!
Serafin Martian Manhunter

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