Saturday, August 2, 2008

Martian Manhunter Special #1 House Ad (1996)

I realize the special was in all likelihood a compilation of leftover material from when "Justice League Quarterly" was cancelled, so I guess getting a house ad at all was a boon. Even still, these "shared" ads from the mid-90's never did anything for me, as they looked less like those groovy 60's mash-ups and more like Diamond's Previews solicitation catalog. Dry, dull, and sharing space with "Arsenal." Oh yeah, get me some of that. Let me also say, while I'm on my soapbox, as stupid as "Red Arrow" is, I'll take him over machine-gun toating "Arsenal" any day. Given my druthers, I'd have left Oliver Queen dead and let Roy take over as Green Arrow, with Connor Hawke as his sidekick, but too late now.

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