Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Paul Ryan Head Sketch


Unknown said...

Neat! That's one from my collection of original art! I've got some cool J'onn pieces, including stuff from Howard Porter, Humberto Ramos, and Chris Samnee. J'onn is my favorite DC guy, so I've got a fair amount of sketches of him.

I suppose it is not a surprise that someone who likes J'onn enough to get all these sketches would also be subscribed to a Martian Manhunter blog, huh?

Diabolu Frank said...

That's great! If you want me to add any information related to the piece (how you got it, thoughts on it, etc.) I'd be happy to. I'm also happy you're happy about my running it. Some folks get upset if you don't ask first, but it's tough to track origination on the web. I found it at the fotolog, which uses my scans freely and vice-versa.

I also ran an Humberto Ramos headshot a few months back. Yours?

I think I might have pulled your Chris Samnee piece off the artist's personal blog, but haven't run it yet (though his Silver Age Despero showed up here a few months back.) Let me know and I'll add whatever you like to the post, and thanks!