Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Justice League of America #114 "Coming Next Issue" Ad (1974)

Many moons ago, I unveiled a plan in which every day of the week would correspond to a decade of Martian Manhunter publishing. That didn't last long, and couldn't, seeing as how little J'onn J'onzz was given to do in the 1970's. As the Idol-Head moves out of its two-month-plus period as a memorial and towards a celebration of our first year of operation, I thought it might be nice to briefly reintroduce the notion with the help of a headshot of our favorite Martian. However, I'm not actually going to start running any seventies material until September, seeing as most of the comic synopsis I've been running this year are already coming to stopping points:

There are only six more issues of "House of Mystery" left before Marco Xavier and VULTURE meet their end, while we say goodbye to Zook for nearly forty years. It seemed to me the end of that run would be a better time to pick back up with J'Onn's exile from Earth until the mid-80's, so that's the plan.

The "Detroit" League, which by our current coverage point has already moved to New York, have only seven issues left in their run here. A detour into "Legends" will keep them around a little while longer, but fairly early into our second year will mark the progression into the Justice League International years. Tomorrow's post will actually be a "reprint," as I decided to give the weekly "Justice League Detroit: The Blog" a scoop for once. Thing is, I forgot all about it, so it will have run for over two months there before arriving here. I'd also forgotten how dense, yet terse those posts were, so hopefully everyone won't have gotten lost in this long period without regular posts. A refresher course is just a link away, though. You'll also find synopsis of solo appearances, pin-ups and such over there that never made their way to the Idol-Head or my more broad sister blog, ...nurgh...

In an instance of the snake eating its own tail, as J'Onn leaves Earth for "HoM," the 60's slot will switch to his earliest adventures as a member of the Justice League of America. That will be a nice break, as I've had 30-some issues worth of synopsis sitting in the can since early this year. Like the continued "Detective Comics" synopsis, my reference on those are "Showcase" volumes, so expect more basic Microsoft Paint coloring.

There's been no regular features in the 90's and 00's slots in the brief periods that's been applicable. Since the JLofA will be handling the 60's and JLI the 80's, I'm averse to overloading the page with more team books. I could maybe run the Ostrander/Mandrake series, but I want at least one solo series always running, so I'm inclined to wait until after I exhaust the Detective run. Also, I hate those comics like cancer, but that's me.

Anyway, thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated. I only have a few ideas floating in my head for the end of Year One, so if there's anything folks have a hankering for, now's the time to speak up...

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