Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2006 "DC Icons: Justice League Unlimited" Fan Art by Israel S. Algarin

Here's the last Manhunter related piece from Israel S. Algarin's comicartfans.com gallery. Sorry for all the filler over the holiday weekend, but I'm still bushed, and I hadda make endz. At least this one features Detroit Leaguers Vixen and Aquaman, along with fellow JLAers the Flash, Fire (a.k.a. the Green Flame,) Green Lantern John Stewart, and Hawkgirl. Aquaman's wife Mera is also on hand, as everyone is coupled up-- J'Onn curiously with Alan Scott's daughter and Kyle Rayner's ex-girlfriend Jade. Martian Manhunter only made her acquaintance in any significant fashion in the JLA: Scary Monsters mini-series, during which J'Onn only made time with Kishana Lewis. This is what happens when you matchmake by the least discriminating of criteria ("You're gay! I know someone else who's queer too! I should introduce you!")

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