Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Robo-Chargers

Gigantic monstrosities which seemingly combined elements of androids and machines, the Robo-Chargers were designed for war and employed by the Thythen. Fueled by the life force of living beings, the Robo-Chargers were used to police the planet Vonn. Their unconscious "batteries" were hung from girders, and had their essence drained through helmets connected with networks of cable to the Robo-Chargers.

The Thythen at one point captured most of the surviving Desert Dwellers of Mars and exploited them to power the Robo-Chargers. This proved their undoing, as the Martians had the distinction of gaining control of the Robo-Chargers, via their life force coursing through the weapons. Presumably, this had not occurred with other races used as batteries. The Martians used the Robo-Chargers to kill all the Thythen present, and expressed their intention to turn these engines of destruction toward a new purpose, rebuilding their civilization on Vonn.

The Robo-Chargers stood several stories tall, and moved through rocky terrain with great speed on tank treads. The constructs were covered in turrets called projectors which fired blasts that could disintegrate a target. The design of their upper bodies were humanoid, complete with head, chest, arms and five-fingered hands (including opposable thumbs.) The Robo-Chargers had large antennae, likely used to receive commands from the Thythen, who also bore antennae. Whether communication with the Thythen was telepathic was not made clear, but this seems most likely to have been the case with the Martians.

The Robo-Chargers only appearance was in World's Finest Comics #212 (6/1972).

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