Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bloodwynd Custom JLU Action Figure by Bottleimp

Although he never appeared on the Justice League Unlimited cartoon (or likely anywhere related,) someone decided he ought to have played a role there...

What an awful name. Sounds like a digestive condition one would get after eating too much fast food. Anyways, I know next to nothing about him, but I thought that the JLU could use some more minorities on the team. And at least this guy doesn't have to suffer the insult of having "black" before his name (Black Lightning, Black Vulcan, Black Panther, etc.). Anyways, I used a Green Lantern for the base, and added a craft store jewel for his blood gem and a Batman cape with a sculpted Dracula collar. I left out the jewels on his arms and the gem-studded garter belt because I liked the more streamlined look. Plus, what's with the guys wearing garter belts thing? That was a disturbing trend in the characters of the early '90's...

For more of Bottleimp's great custom JLU figures, including Marvel characters like Captain America and Power Man, Charltons like Thunderbolt, and even Steve Ditko's Killjoy, visit here.

You know, I've been arguing with a friend about Bloodwyd's near absolute lack of merit as a character, but he looks good here, and it occurs to me you could tweak him into "Bloodgem" or "Bloodiamond" to make him suck somewhat less. Jettisoning all connections to Martian Manhunter couldn't hurt either, or a number of levels.

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