Thursday, May 21, 2009

Munching Martian Manhunter Sketch by Kevin Maguire

You may say Oreo, or you may say Choco, but regardless, isn't this a divine depiction of a Martian's love of COOKIES! I love Maguire! Click here to enlarge this undated sketch, which I assume from the brow was done sometime after 1997. One of the two pieces of original J'onn J'onzz art I own is a full body shot by Maguire, but I'd gladly trade it in a heartbeat for this piece!

I bit off more than I could chew, myself. I've been doing my periodic "Martian Manhunter through the decades" posting weeks where I write a story synopsis a day from J'onn J'onzz's entire publishing history. I'd hoped to do this for two straight weeks. That would have gotten me that much closer to finally closing out the '70s stuff, or wrapping up the storyline in JLI I started covering in January, or getting Bloodwynd regular coverage again, and so on. Unfortunately, I also started a new job that's fantastically demanding of my time and energy, plus I'm juggling a bunch of personal stuff to boot. I couldn't even start writing a synopsis for an Adventures of Superman annual until after nine o'clock. I soon realized it involved dozens of characters who would need external links, a probable secondary post for my Justice League Detroit Blog and basically hours of life I don't have to spare. I tried to substitute a biography of the character Siv from Haven: The Broken City, only to realize I'm only three quarters done with it.

Something in my brain kinda snapped, and I've given up on continuing this week as planned. There's no reason why I can't keep doing the blog in some capacity, but I need a few days to work out exactly how. In the meantime, I'll toss random stuff ya'll's way, and I hope you'll forgive the interruption in the various continuing stories in the meantime. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy yourself.


Luke said...

Ah don't be so hard on yourself. Blogging should be fun, and sometimes it requires adjustments or breaks. I've been neglecting the Bunker a lot lately in the lead-up to my son's birth, so I understand having other things on your mind.

I dig that sketch as well. The big forehead look makes him look a little bit like Exter from This Island Earth!

Bookgal said...

Seriously, only blog when its fun. Otherwise, there's no point. No sweating over it.

This pic makes me smile in a big way.

Diabolu Frank said...

It's life that's not so fun right now, and that's interfering with the blogging I want to do. Thanks for the support, ya'll. I hope to keep 'em flying...