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Haven: The Broken City #1 (2/2002)

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Amidst the chaos, the violent criminals once incarcerated in Haven managed to escape from their prison cells. Upon discovering Valadin had been laid low, the murderous Nodecaum demanded of the JLA that the hero be turned over to his mob. Though the killer's words were in an unknown tongue, Manhunter warned "Be careful, Superman, I am sensing their hostility." The Man of Steel tried to reason with the mob as best as possible, while the criminals called dibs amongst themselves on his eyes and "fancy cape."

J'Onn J'Onzz's still unnamed new telepathic acquaintance made the scene to warn the JLA about who they were dealing with. Referred to by her foes as "the mind witch," the woman whisked Manhunter to a psychic plane. Commenting on her not having to pull such a maneuver in some time, the woman suddenly realized that she could now understand Manhunter's words. J'Onzz explained "On this mental plane we speak in pure thought. Language here is irrelevant to telepaths like us... Today we've come to help you and your city. That is why I 'called' you... We need to know what's happened here. We need to understand." The woman replied to her fellow thought shaper, "I am known as Katalia... The fallen hero you are trying to protect is Valadin... and I will let my memories tell you our story-- I'll show you what we are fighting for... and what we are running from."

The Manhunter From Mars was given a psychic tour through the history of Haven up until the present. Katalia further noted, " Unfortunately... the damage to the ship was far more severe than we thought... We crashed on your world... Most members of our alliance died in the destruction. And now only a few remain to protect the city. Now you know our story--and I hope that you will understand our struggle." No time for that, as they returned to the material world surrounded by vicious aggressors. One choked Superman with its bare hands, while another ripped his cape off his back. Diana drew blood as she whacked attackers with a piece of rent metal. Martian Manhunter commanded,"There's too many of them! We need to regroup! Everyone fall back!" However, with nowhere to run, the JLA braced themselves for attack. Blessedly, Siv arrived with heavy arms, heralding the arrival of the surviving Alliance.

Meanwhile, new U.S. Ambassador to Extraterrestrial Interests Nicole Stein protested her appointment to the post by telling President Lex Luthor, "Where do you get off dropping me in the middle of this festering pile of garbage? I wasn't hired to be an ambassador to a bunch of freaks from outer space!" Luthor explained that he needed someone he could trust on site, as the ship wouldn't be going away anytime soon. The President then held a press conference explaining military units led by General Norville would be supplying humanitarian aid directly. Stein, seeing she was being shipped off indefinitely, called her ex-husband about taking care of their kids.

"History Lesson" written by Ashley-Jayne Nicolaus & Matthew P. Schuster with art by Ariel Olivetti.

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