Saturday, April 24, 2010

1979 J'onn J'onzz Convention Sketch by Michael Nasser

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Last month, we started a run of Michael Netzer-related material I figured we could mingle with other ongoing topics (DC Challenge participant blog linklists, Coneheadhunter stuff, etc.) and stretch out over a couple of weeks. Well, I got distracted (a comic convention and the imminent resurrection of the character Netzer started an internet campaign to "save" figuring heavily,) and now wish to continue that line of thought. Besides, look at the Manhunter from Mars up there, crying out for justice on this matter!

Per owner Will K:
The Martian Manhunter. Looks to be drawn with a ballpoint pen.

One of only a few convention sketches I've gotten on the secondary market.

I could totally see being apprehensive about buying somebody's unverified "sketch," but looking at the detail here, who would put forth that kind of effort and sign another artist's name? I especially dig the planetoids in the background, evoking the Bronze Age Mars II and its moon (possibly where Mongul fought the Alien Ace & Superman?)


LissBirds said...

I like how he can get varied line weights out of a ballpoint pen. That's pretty cool.

I think J'onn's screaming, "No! I'm out of cookies!"

New Mars only has one moon? Did the other one get destroyed?

Diabolu Frank said...

I just caught myself having written "New Mars" again, so don't let me infect you, Liss. There Is No New Mars! You're right that there should be a couple moons, but at least one should be teardrop shaped, so maybe J'Onn has the munchies on a moon.

LissBirds said...

Whoops! DC's wikia lists it as "New Mars" as well, so made the same slip.

Technically, Deimos is designated Mars II. Is that where they settled?

Diabolu Frank said...

Nope. Mars II is reaalllllyyy far away. Mars is between 36-250 million miles from Earth depending on the position of orbit around the sun, while Mars II is "billions of miles" away.