Monday, April 19, 2010

Teen Titans #38 (September 2006)

The current, fragile Titans team fought the Flash villain Girder, continued arguing with one another, and learned their former teammate Raven had gone missing on a secret mission to uncover a traitor within the group. Following her trail first led to Moscow, Russia, and another ex-Titan, Red Star. Having become a state-sponsored hero with his own alien spaceship in a nation where outside metahumans were now outlawed, Leonid's notoriety had exploded in the Motherland. Red Star was dissatisfied with his time amongst the Titans, especially after the deaths of Pantha and Baby Wildebeest, his closest friends on the team. He recommended the group's dissolution, but barring that, offered Raven's last known address-- a Beijing apartment. There, the team uncovered a book incriminating twenty-six former Titans, including

Meanwhile, in Edgewater, CO, disarmed former Titan Risk was approached by a mysterious figure to form a villainous "Titans East." Elsewhere, Raven was being hunted by a black ops team, a valued book in her possession.

"Titans Around The World: Part 1" by Geoff Johns, Carlos Ferreira, Art Thibert, and Drew Geraci.


LissBirds said...

Since I know next-to-nothing about any of these characters, I can only say she looks much better in the prep school skirt. She's gotta tone down the lipstick a little, however and go for the natural look. I kind of like how her "pie" symbol is slightly different than J'onn's. The female version of the Mars symbol, maybe?

Diabolu Frank said...

Yeah, she's rocking the flower power pie, a look J'Onn flirts with every now and again. It suits her better, I'd say.

As for knowing next-to-nothing about the Legion of Teen Titans Johns created then bailed on, welcome to the majority. Virtually none of the new characters amounted to anything, and a great many of the preexisting ones were longstanding novelties that only ever show up for reunions (or to be laughed at.)