Thursday, April 1, 2010

2010 Brightest Day #1 Promo Ad by David Finch


I'd hoped to get a long-in-consideration April Fool's gag together for you guys, but I worked a shift and a half today, so that ain't happening. It's a good thing I've always got "Fanatical Fictions" to fall back on, except that only opens up a personal can of worms involving some of those in various forms of development (the Manhunter from Mars Annual #2 cover was finished last year, but no story has yet been written.) Instead, I just tripped over an image of the revived Martian Manhunter I didn't see in Blackest Night #8, and figured I'd link to some that I did and just get it over with. Let me just say, I'm tired but I'm happy.

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mathematicscore said...

I'm not Finch's greatest fan, but he draws a pretty bad-ass Manhunter from Mars.

LissBirds said...

He looks just a touch too grumpy. Actually, everyone does. You'd think after being brought back to life they'd all have big smiles on their faces.

At least they put Firestorm on the other side of the page. :)

LissBirds said...

Ha! M.c.'s + my comment = total bifurcation. That's so ironic. I like not seeing the comments before me when I comment.

will_in_chicago said...

Well, it looks like J'Onn is going to be back but the image does make almost everyone to be on the grim side. It also looks like that they are going with mostly the classic look but with some changes to the costume -- note the change in the belt and pants.

rob! said...

Shouldn't J'onn be towering over Aquaman and the rest?

Diabolu Frank said...

M.C., I like Finch on "kewl" pin-up pieces like this, not some much on sequential pages, so his position as cover artist suits me fine. The Manhunter affords artistic license most "classic" characters do not, so it comes as no surprise Finch rocks him a lot better than say Aquaman. And I'm saying Aquaman. I was so happy about that resurrection I let some things slide last time that bug me now. His Hawks are boss, though, and Mera's delicious.

Liss, I see five big benefits to comment moderation.
1) It gives hotheads time to cool down and engage in a proper debate instead of a spitting match.
2) It gives people the chance to express themselves without influence, and expecting the delay, at greater length than they might have (I hate approving "dittos.")
4) I kill Spam dead, and there's lots of it without #3.
5) I see every comment without dealing with email notifications.

rob, Martian Manhunter should be at least a quarter head taller than everyone at all times, per Who's Who and such, but just try to find a picture where Superman isn't depicted as taller. I chalk it up to J'Onn being mindful of human egos and shapeshifting (especially when Barry Kitson squishes him down.)

LissBirds said...

Thankfully, Ivan Reis drew him a good deal taller than Superman. That made me very happy.

rob, I think Finch just made J'onn "shorter" just for the sake of composition, considering that even Mera is "taller." What really confounds me is the color scheme. With it being Brightest Day, you'd think they'd ditch the dark.

Oh, and Frank, that banner is a sight for sore eyes!

Diabolu Frank said...

I promised Netzer it would return by April, along with J'Onn himself. Plus, with all those grim Finch faces, the smile is mighty nice.

mathematicscore said...

I didn't even notice the height thing. I liked Ed McGuiness's JLA classified group shot, where J'onn is just gigantic. I actually have the figure from that series, and he's at least a head taller than Superman.
I agree the discrepancy here is clearly compositional. The Fish portion must be on a hill, while the Foul are doing the typical "we can fly with our wings" thing.

Why is the Atom here? He wasn't dead. And why isn't Hawk included in this? He just back for Birds of Prey and now will be ignored except in that title?

"FOR A REASON!"? Geoff is kind of losing me with some of his larger ideas. I smell Millenium.

LissBirds said...

""FOR A REASON!"?" I have such a literal mind that I just took the reason as "a bunch of screaming fans want their heroes back."

I'm starting to balk already with this Brightest Day thing. Can't they just come back to life and, after a brief adjustment, go back to their regular lives? I mean, I need a break from the whole mind-bending Blackest Night stuff and now it's going to be drawn out over a whole year? Plus, isn't that a lot of pressure on Geoff Johns?

Count Drunkula said...

Math -
Atom and Mera are probably there because of their popularity boost in Blackest Night and they need a book to shine in.

From the solicits and sound bites by Johns, Brightest Day will touch on all of the resurrected heroes, but not focus on all of them. Hawk will be in Birds of Prey, Orisis in Titans, Digger and Thawne in Flash, Jade in Justice League of America, Maxwell Lord in Justice League: Generation Lost.

Diabolu Frank said...

M.C., I agree about Johns' ideas, but in my case its because they're stupid big. For 1988, having a new Guardians team spanning nationalities, race, and sexual orientation was a pretty big deal, but the scripts and challenges weren't up to snuff. With Blackest Night's resolution, mixing resurrected Silver Age super-heroes with daft Middle Ages notions of science just leaves me scratching my head. Earth as the center of all creation? Universal history tied directly to Judeo-Christian beliefs? I can't even take the emotion/color spectrum bit seriously, so this late developing inanity really put the story over a barrel for me. I suspect, sans the good will from the fantastic art and resurrections, there'd be a lot more people agreeing about this being Millennium 2010.

mathematicscore said...

The emotional spectrum thing I'm cool with, to a point, since I have a vague affection for the Metaphysical, but in most other matters, including the history of the universe, Carl Sagan's Cosmos should be a guiding force. Or at least kept in mind. Johns had better have done his homework beyond back issues of GL and Legion when it comes to this sort of stuff.