Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stormwatch #42 (November, 1996)

Multiple sets of Siamese triplets with energy powers were destroying Tokyo. The three Stormwatch teams were sent to dispatch them, whether by Flint punching their heads off two at a time, Rose Tattoo firing exploding bullets into their midst, or Jenny Sparks electrocuting them by emerging from a thrown fetish communicator. Fuji took a special interest in the case, confronting the leader of the Kodô death cult, Raifu Waaku. The man had been born without eyes to a mother who had seen Ko-Ji-Ki, the separation of heaven and earth, more specifically the bombing of Nagasaki. Like the murder-suicide of novelist Yukio Mishima, Fuji recognized that the terrorist's true, unstated goal was to use SPBs as a means of rearming Japan following their surrendering of a standing army after World War II. The triple creations of Kodô did not wish to live or see more of their kind produced, while Fuji unconvincingly talked Raifu Waaku into committing seppuku on a Japanese flag to restore honor or some such thing.

"Kodô" was by Warren Ellis, Tom Raney & Randy Elliott. Once again, Ellis must have decided that he was going to write a Fuji story, did lots of research about Japan, and then wrote a story about how his characters could spouted all that research that he had done almost verbatim like they were walking Wikipedia entries. Re-watching "Akira," I'll assume, led to the action sequences. At least the book was attractive to look at this month.

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