Friday, July 6, 2012

2012 “JLA Jan.- Martian Manhunter - 181” art by Robert Q. Atkins

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"Well to start off the year I wanted to try my hand at DC Comics largest group of characters, The Justice League of America! When researching the characters I now had at my dispossal I was pretty amazed at the sheer number of the groups roster. I'm sticking to anyone who has been considered a full active member in the group. My next choice was who to start with...

It didnt take long for me to decide on Martian Manhunter, who I believe is the only character to have been in every incarnation of the Justice League and one of the 5 founding members. I was pretty excited, I don't think I've ever drawn him before, and hie easily ranks in my top 10 DC characters.

So here you go, starting off the new year with the JLA!"
Check out the black and white original here.


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LissBirds said...

Nice classic look and a great angle...