Monday, July 2, 2012

Cay'an @ Comic Vine

As I've mentioned in the past, I finally set up a Comic Vine account and began tidying up or outright creating Martian Manhunter related entries that I found wanting. One that always bugged me was "Sara Moore," an alternate identity of the villainess from the 2006 "The Others Among Us" mini-series. It was never clarified as to whether there ever was an actual Sara Moore, or if she was wholly invented by Cay'an, who clearly deserved her own self-titled entry.

In this instance, I didn't have to do a thing to fix it, though. Longtime regular blog commentator "mathematicscore" did a swell job of editing the entry into something that better reflected Cay'an's history, including downgrading Sara Moore to an alias. I liked Cay'an and her unfathomable Rube Goldbergian plot, which still made more sense than killing random humans as a romantic gesture, and I'm glad to see other folks looking out for her. Check out M.C.'s work here! Another character M.C. worked on will get showcased tomorrow for an early pre-holiday edition of Best (Martian Manhunter) Art Ever (This Week,) so be sure to swing by on Tuesday!

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mathematicscore said...

Thanks for the kinds words, as well as the heads up; I had to correct a few grammatical errors I had overlooked ;p

I wasn't responsible for Sara Moore not being her own page, and in fact looking at the issues character list, I'm surprised how many characters have their own pages.

I guess there is some love out there for this series.