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The Vile Menagerie: S'VOR

Alter Ego: S'vor
Occupation: Prisoner #306970
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Unknown
Base of Operations: Jupiter
First Appearance: Detective Comics #267 (May, 1959)
Height: Approx. 6'6"
Eyes: Dark
Hair: Black

S'vor is a Jovian criminal who escaped the custody of his planet's security officers, stole their weapons, and landed a spacecraft on Earth. S'vor was canny enough to hide out on the planet just before the start of a 399 day cycle in which Jupiter would be too far from Earth to be accessible, forcing his pursuers to abandon him or strand themselves. He also happened to be in a city, Middletown, at a time when it suffered heavy rains that hampered the security officers' recovery efforts. However, a member of another alien race had made the city his own, and J'onn J'onzz investigated reports of the flying saucer. Learning the details from the security officers, the Martian Manhunter struck a deal wherein he would capture S'vor before sundown in exchange for transport back to Mars.

S'vor had found refuge at an abandoned amusement park, and scanned the skies with his vision powers in search of pursuers. These efforts actually attracted the Martian Manhunter, but S'vor detected him in time to launch a defense. Thanks to his dangerous arsenal, S'vor held the Alien Atlas at bay long enough to board a gondola into the Tunnel of Love. This proved his undoing, as being surrounded by water in a small boat made it easy for J'onzz to eventually douse and capture S'vor. The Jovian fugitive was turned over to his authorities in time for them to return to Jupiter, but a bomb he'd set prevented J'onzz leaving with them, as he stayed to deactivate the device.

Powers & Weapons:
It is unclear whether S'vor possessed any innate super-powers beyond the infra-red vision demonstrated by his people, although he was clearly much larger than his short, skinny brethren. S'vor relied upon his purloined armaments, which included an electric rifle that fired charged bolts meant to explode with energy on impact, an anti-gravity rifle that affected a target within range, a devastating vaporizer gun, and a solar bomb governed by a fuse.

All Jovians have a catastrophic weakness to water which was described as being comparable to Martian vulnerability to fire, whose presence immediately weakens and can eventually kill them after extended exposure. S'vor was rendered entirely passive by a mere splash of water.

Quote: "*HA, HA* Martian, you have surely walked into your own trap now!"

Created by Jack Miller and Joe Certa

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