Monday, January 14, 2013


Alter Ego: Willy
Occupation: Student
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Captain Harding (Uncle)
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Unknown
First Appearance: Detective Comics #256 (June, 1958)
Height: Approx. 4'0"
Eyes: Dark
Hair: Ginger

While staying with Captain Harding in Middletown for a week, Willy was invited to the Wonderland carnival by Detective John Jones to take some of the burden of the "handful" off his supervisor. At the carnival, a trio of thieves were planning a heist. Alerted to Detective Jones' presence on the grounds, the hoods decided to try to kill both Jones and Willy by sabotaging various rides. Willy was too excited while riding an iron horse to notice Jones using his secret Martian powers to detect and repair the first act of sabotage. A second involved Willy falling from some height in a mock airplane, which was landed safely by a gust of Martian super-breath. Aware of only the second instance of peril, Willy remained enthusiastic about a third ride, the Tunnel of Thrills, where he was nearly crushed and drowned by a large statue. Willy displayed resilience and substantial denial in the face of these dangers, and saw the ride through to the end. The Manhunter from Mars, not yet a publicly known figure, was spotted by Willy as he goaded the thieves into turning themselves in to police. Willy insisted that he had seen evidence of the same "strange creatures," but was dismissed by Detective Jones.

Powers & Weapons:
Willy wore a cowboy outfit and carried a toy pistol.

Quote: "Missed us by inches! You think that was done just to give us a thrill, Detective Jones?"

Created by Jack Miller and Joe Certa


LissBirds said...

How do I not even remember this character? I think it's time I reread Showcase Presents.

Diabolu Frank said...

My first guess would be because it was a lame story involving John Jones repeatedly endangering a child for no clear reason. By the end of the tale the kid is struggling with denial, PTSD, and concerns about delusions. It's nefarious.