Sunday, September 20, 2009

2005 Vision of Martian Manhunter by Vincent Fourneuf

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Ah, the old Vision comparison again. Sigh. Visit Vincent Fourneuf's page at deviantART.


mathematicscore said...

This guy can clearly draw, but the personality is all wrong and who ever told him high pants are "cool" in a redesign was probably messing with him. I'll take the real Alan Davis thank you....which leads me to a tangent. Have you read Davis's JLA: the Nail and/or it's sequel? It's still a love letter to Superman and how great he is, but MM has a big role and lots of great scenes and the ensemble cast is handled well.

Diabolu Frank said...

I tossed through the first Nail as it was coming out when I had my shop, so I recall key visuals (caped WW leading team, GA f'd-up, MM's decent redesign, the literal nail, the Amish, Krypto & Jimmy Olsen, etc.) As for the actual story, never read, as the aroma of Superman's jock filled every page. I hate stories where a single individual's absence causes every other hero to suck fail juice for the duration.

Speaking of, the technique here isn't bad (very Tom Derenick) but it all comes together in a melange of icky-poo. Badness is heaped upon badness, making it a perfect shotgun filler post for many days absent.

mathematicscore said...

"aroma of Superman's jock" Love it. 50% of why I read this site on a regular basis.