Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Suggestion Box of Diabolu

Okay, I've got issues:

  • I had friends I hadn't seen in months over this weekend, and am about to take a three day trip into Mexico, putting the squeeze on this week's posting.
  • My monitor is completely shorted out, alternating between a gray/blue tint and full-on old school monochromatic green screen, making quality control on my color scans impossible.
  • My computer is refusing to read my two primary storage drives. It's C: or bust. I suspect my decade old build is about to crash.
  • I've got a great new program that converts scanned pages into editable text that retains columns and includes jpeg images. It's boss, and I can't stop playing with it.
  • I've really got to finish Super Powers coverage at two blogs, especially the poor neglected Justice League Detroit.

All this being said, I appologize for continuing to lean on the Comic Art Fans pin-up crutch. I also solicited a bunch of opinions from readers last month I have seemingly ignored, but I promise that I'm doing my best to get to a place where I can institute positive changes. I've been run so ragged of late, I hadn't even realized this blog's second anniversary had come and gone unnoticed two weeks ago. The whole point of this post was to ask about ways to celebrate, and a quick double check left me at "oh."

So anyway, what I'd really like to do is clean up some of the unfinished messes around here, but there's no point in working to restart, say, Bloodwynd coverage if no one cares. The goal is to optimize what time I have by focusing on the stuff folks really miss, or have been anticipating without reward. Also, it's an excuse to reuse an old image I don't need to proof, but let's stay on task.

If you would, please leave a comment below regarding whatever I haven't gotten done that you wish I'd get around to already. JLI coverage? Ostrander/Mandrake? The first appearance of Professor Hugo? More Morrison-era JLA? More Silver Age? Jemm? Vile Menagerie? Gypsy? Zook?

I know there are gaps-o-plenty hereabouts, so give me a shout, and I'll do my best to plug some holes. Also, I really appreciate everyone's patience and interest. You guys are the best!


Tom said...

I vote for the 1st appearance of Arnold Hugo.

Luke said...

Silver Age for sure.

The Morrison JLA stuff is pretty interesting because it brought the character back to a level of prominence.

And I would like to see some of the Ostrander/Mandrake stuff if only to see why you dislike it so.

mathematicscore said...

Since the Modern age stuff (JLI/JLTF/JLA/Solo title) are what I'm most familiar with, those are probably the most story wise I'd like to see some catching up on, or at least you opining about. Vile Menagerie feels like it could use some more action. The Human Flame is getting pretty fleshed out in Run, and Darkseid and Kanto are both due entries thanks to Ostrander. Hopefully Black Lantern MM and Yellow lantern will mix it up in Blackest Night so you'll have more meat for an entry there. Plus the Beings in the Color Rings are probably somehow tied in. And I think Jemm would be super topical since he's about to be in World of New Krypton in a big way. (Here's hoping Robinson turns down the douche bag side of his writing for that story.)

There, now get to work!
(Just kidding, you know I love this site!)

Diabolu Frank said...

Tom-- I was going to run your archive back cover tonight, but got held up getting a replacement monitor from my stepmother & stepbrother. This week, for sure. It really is about dang time for Hugo, as well!

m.s., I'm really hopeful about Yellow Lantern Mongul, but suspect Sinestro will beat BLMM there. More Jemm would make sense, for sure. I'm still hesitant to add Darkseid to the Menagerie, as he's everyone's villain, but Kanto may be appropriate.

Luke, I can see in color again, so more early JLofA synopsizes should be forthcoming. Detectives may wait a bit longer, though. Two votes for Ostrander/Mandrake, eh...?

mathematicscore said...

I agree that he was a bit off model as far as a Mysterious attitude that never quite felt right, but I still think Ostrander had some great ideas and really made some great steps towards justifying MM's Major Player in the DC universe status, if only in universe, and not in sales figures. Weaknesses aside, I can't think of a story that I didn't enjoy in that run.

mathematicscore said...

Oh, and Hugo is pretty cool.

LissBirds said...

Hmmm...I was originally going to say "more JLI" as that is my perennial favorite but now I leaning towards Ostrander. I recently read a good chunk of the series and came away with mixed feelings and I'd like to see your analysis of it.

Diabolu Frank said...

I've resigned myself to re-reading and synopsizing Ostrander this year, possibly as part of a "Worst Of..." themed season. I was thinking about how I might have criticized him too harshly in the past today, then had 'Nam-style flashbacks to some of the wretched crap he pulled in that series. I'll be setting my teeth to "gnash" no later than issue #11, I assure you.

Dixon said...

Yeah, file one of my votes for the Ostrander series. I'm interested to read more of your thoughts on those stories--whatever those thoughts might be! I'll also cast a vote for the Vile Menagerie and for our Red Saturnian friend Jemm, both subject matters I'm always interested in reading about.

Diabolu Frank said...

I'm detecting a pattern here. Straw Poll!

II Arnold Hugo.
I Silver Age.
II Morrison JLA.
IIII Ostrander/Mandrake.
II Vile Menagerie.
II Jemm.

Damn you, Ostrander... we meet again!

Matthew MG said...

Fantatical fictions
Vile Menagerie