Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Charles Brigham Dade

In a New Jersey swamp, the crash landing of the spacecraft which carried Jemm, Son of Saturn to Earth registered on government seismographs. Forty United States troops and two NASA scientists were sent to investigate. C.I.A. operative Charles Brigham Dade was among those on scene, as was his fiancée, Deidre Johnson. As he waited for Johnson, Dade found a holographic image of the Saturnian royal family, including a young Jemm, Queen Jarlla and King Jaxx. Dade had an ominous feeling about the entire scene, and was anxious to see Deidre to safety, when the craft was rocked by energy fire from without. Shortly afterward, Dade's fiancée and most everyone else on the scene were killed by Saturnian robots. Dade awoke to a head injury before anyone else arrived, and was shattered when he saw Deidre Johnson's body. Cradling her in his arms, Dade swore to find the aliens his love had always wanted to meet. "I'll find every last one of them!"

Dade woke the senator overseeing the operation, Frank Berkley, in the middle of the night to offer a debriefing. The senator's house guest, the insidious Claudius Tull, was included in the late night discussion. In fact, while the senator initially dismissed Dade's report as delirium, Tull assured him of his confidence in Dade's account. However, Dade became agitated with this unknown interloper, but his concerns were pointedly dismissed, as the senator was clearly deep in Tull's pocket. Tull saw the massacre as an unusual "opportunity" to be explored, and saw to Dade's assignment to pursue the Saturnians. The senator, to Tull's chagrin, was "a bit overzealous" in enlisting the "expert help" of Superman, who had actually visited Saturn in the past.

In his down time, Dade drowned his sorrows in booze, and became quick to anger. He stole the Krypt-Kicker from the C.I.A.'s secret arsenal, and waited for news. Finally, Senator Berkley brought Dade and Superman together to follow Tull's lackey "Bouncer," who had previously tangled with Jemm, back to the Harlem tenement at which the Son of Saturn was last seen. The hope was that Superman's heightened senses would lead the group to Jemm like a bloodhound, but the Man of Steel needed no such powers to detect the liquor on Dade's breath. Dade brushed off Superman's concerns about his fitness to continue, and the trio tracked Jemm and his friends to a shelter. Chaos ensued when Bouncer was recognized as one of the men who had killed the grandfather of Jemm's companion, Luther Mannkin, and Jemm launched into an offensive. Superman intervened, and after a melee, left the Son of Saturn on his back.

Dade prepared to kill Jemm while he was unconscious, when the street child Rosie tugged at his arm and begged for the life of her friend. Dade shoved the girl forcefully out of his way, her head slamming into a nearby wall. Superman protested, and was shot by Dade with the Krypt-Kicker. As Dade spun around to finish off Jemm, the Saturnian robots burst onto the scene. Recognizing Dade from the spaceship, the robots executed him with a snap of the neck. Dade's child victim Rosie passed soon after.

First Appearance: Jemm, Son of Saturn #1 (September, 1984)

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