Friday, September 17, 2010

Queen Jarlla

Jarlla of the red-skinned Desert Dwellers married King Jaxx shortly before a centuries brewing race war with the white-skinned Polar People erupted under their reign. Once the Saturnians broke the edict of the first king, Jargon, and took up arms, Jaxx sealed off their kingdom around the Garden of Bhok from the rest of the world. As conflict raged beyond their walls, Jarlla delivered the first hopeful sign in months. Her firstborn son, Jemm, was born with a stone upon his brow that represented the Mark of Jargon, a sign that he would be the "peacemaker" of his peoples.

One night, the devastating siege of massive robot warriors under the control of the white General Synnar broke through the walls of Queen Jarlla's kingdom. Cloaked and under cover of darkness, Jarlla, the white holy man Rahani, and her preadolescence son Jemm escaped the conflict through a secret passageway. The trio escaped the kingdom, and after countless days of deprivation, found shelter in a distant cave. The group spent years in hiding, as Jemm developed his mind and body, as well as the powers granted him by his gemstone.

Finally, the three retraced their steps back to the Garden of Bhok, which had been reclaimed by the desert. Bodies and equipment were still strewn all about, and a written account of King Jaxx's death was found. A still active robot was awakened by the trio's presence, and before Jemm could stop it, the machine slew Rahani and Jarlla, whose final words were a warning for Jemm to run for his life. Instead, Jemm dismantled the robot, and swore he would never run again.

Known Relatives: Jaxx (husband,) Jemm (son,) Juri (second cousin,) Jogarr (distant cousin,) Jyra (sister-in-law)
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Black
Superhuman Powers: Jarlla is assumed to have the enhanced senses, strength, durability, and limited malleability of the standard Red Saturnian.
First Appearance: Jemm, Son of Saturn #3 (November, 1984)
Created by: Greg Potter & Gene Colan

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