Tuesday, September 21, 2010

General Synnar

Centuries ago, migration and sparse resources brought the Saturnian races, white-skinned Polar People and red-skinned Desert-Dwellers, into conflict. A lasting peace was forged by Jargon the Mighty, who established a monarchy of Desert-Dweller rulers which controlled the population through the produce of the bountiful Garden of Bhok. Racial tensions remained however, in no small part due to the Polar People lacking a ruler from their own people.

In recent times, technology allowed fruitful patches of garden to be created even in the icefields of the whites, as well as arming both races for renewed hostilities. King Jaxx ordered the Garden of Bhok sealed off, with his kingdom within, as armies without were formed. General Synnar rose up as a leader among the whites, swearing to annihilate the entire Red Saturnian race. Synnar directed his forces to mercilessly force reds from their homes and gardens to take their produce. As the Desert-Dwellers were pressed deep into H'ronmeerca'andra's arid deserts, the reds began to push back with a military leader of their own, Jogarr. However, the reds were divided between those living in peace within the Garden of Bhok under King Jaxx, and the disparate exiles without. Between the more unified front of the Polar People and the ruthlessness of General Synnar, fortune favored of the whites.

Within months of the birth of Prince Jemm, Jogarr's army met Synnar's at the site of the Atom-Buster. The "huge, experimental energy-producing device" developed by the Desert-Dwellers was similar to a nuclear generator. General Synnar wanted the device for himself, and in the ensuing encounter, fought Jogarr "man to man." While Jogarr dominated, an unseen white soldier struck him from behind, and without leadership the red forces were soon defeated. Synnar's "vile sense of irony" saw him lead Jogarr by a chain around the neck to slave detail in an underground mine.

Synnar was again aided by technology, this time in the form of large robot warriors, as he laid siege upon the Garden of Bhok. King Jaxx fought valiantly to save his kingdom, but was cut down by Synnar in cold blood. Queen Jarlla managed to escape the carnage with her young son, Jemm, along with the white holy man Rahani.

Years passed, until an accident involving the Atom-Buster saw Saturn's entire surface scorched to deadly ruin. Synnar survived in an underground shelter, but his genocidal act shattered his mind. Roaming the devastated world in rags, the incompetent Synnar happened upon fellow survivor Jogarr, and attacked him with a club. Jogarr wrested the club away from the violent simpleton, and beat Synnar to death with his own weapon.

Known Relatives: Synn (daughter)
Eyes: Pink
Hair: Black
Superhuman Powers: General Synnar is assumed to have had the enhanced senses, strength, durability, and limited malleability of the standard White Saturnian.
First Appearance: Jemm, Son of Saturn #3 (November, 1984)
Created by: Greg Potter & Gene Colan


LissBirds said...

Ah. Yes. This was not the Synnar I was looking for.

Is most of the action symmarized here covered in Jemm, Son of Saturn, or were there other titles?

Diabolu Frank said...

Synnar was only seen in the one issue, and referenced in detail in another. Synn and a creatively mutilated Jogarr turned up in the Ostrander series.

Luke said...

I must say, Starlin's Synnar (The Demiurge) is substantially cooler. Let's face it, the only Saturnian worth a ring is Jemm anyways!

Now that's something I could have gotten behind, Jemm as a member of the Abberant Six!

Diabolu Frank said...

I only know Synnar from his pre-Demiurge days in Hardcore Station, where he was another iteration of the Starlin archfiend (Thanos, Lord Papal, Mongul, etc.) However, that's just about my favorite super-villain template, so I'm cool with that cat.

General Synnar was just a Commander Blanx analogue, except he killed Saturnians, which is substantially easier than killing Martians. Plus, I hate crazy people who baby talk/Bizarro speak/etc. I'm glad he's really, really dead. His daughter Synn was one vicious bitch though, and not someone you'd want to tangle with.

Aaron said...

Thanks for this, like I've said before I don't know nearly enough about Jemm.

Gerardo said...

This maybe is a little late, but in the Holy War saga Starlin conect both Synnars, the Saturnian being one of the itinerations the Demiurg take while evolving. Also Synnar has something to do with Moore's American Gothic as Starlin show him fighting Against Phantom Stranger, Spectre, Etrigan and Creeper.

All is in Holy War Issue 6

Diabolu Frank said...

Seriously? I've avoided latter day Starlin, but this is intriguing. I may have to pick that up. Thanks, Gerardo!