Friday, February 25, 2011

Polls: Martian Madness Qualifying Rounds

Before the nerds took over, comic books were as American as a Jewish run, union busting apple pie manufacturing corporation. This might explain why all the classic heroes from the World's Finest to the X-Men were all about baseball. J'Onn J'Onzz got into "America's Favorite Pastime" a time or two way back in his day, but not often or in a long time, because he's a big green geek. I have no use for sports myself, so I like it just fine that way. However, I received a comment earlier this month from a poster who shall remain anonymous (because they posted anonymously):
I have an idea for the blog. Its fine if you don’t use it, it was just an idea. Since it is the start of February it means that March Madness is right around the corner. What if you do a bracket of MM villains and have them battle and give like a one sentence on the reason they won? I just think it would be a fun and creative idea even though it may sound lame.
I didn't think it sounded lame, but it did sound like work, so poo on that. Yet, the notion had too much merit to let me go, though, so here's the scene:

As I understand it, March Madness entails college basketball teams being pitted against one another to score a touchdown against the goal keeper until one of the teams punches a knockout and progresses to America's Next Top Model. There are no Mulligans, so you either take the bronze or are disqualified from the Triple Lindy. Everybody kung-fu fights in a specific ballroom dancing order until it comes down to two teams at the Grand Prix. Is that about right?

I have the same list of eighty or so villains from last year's Vile Menagerie fixation, which is at least forty too many for my tastes. Therefore, I'll post about ten qualifying matches a day for the next several days of 3-4 day voting duration. Using whatever criteria you personally deem appropriate, pick one of the contestants. Winners will gain entry into the first round of this month long game. In matches where no votes are cast, both characters will be disqualified. In the event of a tie, I dunno. We'll see what we see. I've tried not to "assassinate" anyone with an overwhelming mismatch like Despero vs. Mr. Moth, both in terms of power and popularity. Most likely, major contestants in the "big ticket" matches will gain immediate entry into the first round, rather than facing the indignity of not making it into the game just because they were paired against another big name. I'm not going to have Wiley Dalbert outlast Mongul, at least until the second round. From there it's up to you guys.

Sound like fun? I hope so. Maybe I'll even fill in one of the bracket thingees further down the line. Ballots are to your right. Vote early and vote often!


jimmypulv said...

Cool, i was the one that posted that comment. Thanks for using it. And go Malefic.

LissBirds said...

You forgot the part where the NCAA participants play chess in a sandbox after the 5k three-legged race.

I think this is a fun idea. Voting for things is fun! It didn't even dawn on me that Blogger would let you post multiple polls.

Go Human Squirrel!!

Diabolu Frank said...

Voting is fun, buy everybody wants to vote for president, and I always make them wait through county commissioner/state treasurer/etc.

jimmypulv, it's been a good time so far, so thanks for the idea! I'll credit you on the next game recap post. Also, are you the guy who's been loving Malefic in my comment section for a while now?

jimmypulv said...

yeah, im the malefic guy. I dont know why but for some reason i like him.

Diabolu Frank said...

Nothing wrong with that. I'm rooting for B'rett against Tybalt Bak'sar, so who am I to cast stones? I just prefer "jimmypulv" to "anonymous guy(s) who like(s) Malefic."