Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2010 "Ladies of DC - Manhunter" art by Taylor Cordingley

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They're fun, they're sassy and they all seem to have a mean right hook. For years, DC Comics has consistently created amazing female superheroes. I'd like to pay tribute to these amazing women of the DC Universe with one of my patented pin-up series -- Ladies of DC! Twenty-sixth in this series is the merciless Manhunter!

Real Name: Katherine "Kate" Spencer
First Appearance: Manhunter #1
Abilities: Wears a suit that is keyed into her unique bioelectrical signature, granting her increased strength, agility, and endurance. Carries a powerful staff once used by a previous Manhunter, Mark Shaw.

Kate Spencer is one of the relatively new crop of heroines who popped up during the dawn of the "events"-era DC Universe. She's a lawyer by day who, tired of seeing criminals walk free, took up the mantle of Manhunter and became a vigilante. Now, I haven't read any of her ongoing series (which, for a new character, lasted pretty long before getting canceled) but I enjoyed her while she was in Birds of Prey. She's like a character out of Law & Order -- but with the superhero thing mixed up. She's kind of like Super Alley McBeal or something. Anyway, I thought she'd make a great addition to the series and I'm hoping to make the Manhunter fans happy with this one.

Ladies of DC


will_in_chicago said...

If Manhunters are used in the new DCnU, I would like some tie in to J'Onn. Possibly J'Onn or other Martians served as the inspiration for Manhunters. (There is a term in several Native American peoples, I understand, that translates to manhuter. So, maybe the influence is fairly old.)

I do like this uniform, so maybe an update could include the symbol that J'Onn bears.

Diabolu Frank said...

I'm perfectly happy to have Paul Kirk, Mark Shaw, Kate Spencer and (I guess) Chase Lawler in modern DC Comics. I can even handle Kirk being the Manhunter of Earth-Two. I just don't see the point of having a Manhunter on Earth-One that isn't a Martian, seeing as how many names would be in the hat within five years' time. J'Onzz legacy is a separate entity that does not deserve to be diluted by lesser constituents from the Kirk dynasty.