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The Vile Menagerie: NEMESUS

Alter Ego: Nemesus
Occupation: Heir
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Delos (brother,) Lydia (niece)
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: The Castle of King Delos in Ancient Greece
First Appearance: Detective Comics #325 (March, 1964)
Height: Average
Eyes: Pale
Hair: White

In Greece circa 500 B.C., Nemesus was in line to accede to the throne of his brother, King Delos. However, if Delos' daughter Lydia were to wed, it would be her husband who assumed the mantle of king. Such appeared likely when the heroic Dion courted Lydia, so Nemesus set about using his sorcerous abilities to destroy his rival. While the king had already demanded three astounding tasks be performed by Dion to prove his mettle, Nemesus cast further obstacles in Dion's path that were insurmountable by mortal man. However, as fate would have it, a time-lost Manhunter from Mars was briefly stranded in Dion's time, and took it upon himself to assist the fellow against Nemesus' spells.

Despite his magic and spying henchmen, Nemesus was unable to prevent Dion from completing his tasks, and would lose his powers as soon as the king gave the couple his blessing. Despite entrancing Delos, the king appeared to bless the children. Enraged, Nemesus attempted to strike down his own blood with a sword. However, the Manhunter was masquerading as King Delos, which had been detected by his other-dimensional companion Zook, who used its powers to freeze Nemesus. Freed from his brother's wizardry, King Delos swore to punish Nemesus when he thawed out, after Zook and the Martian Manhunter returned to their own time.

Powers & Weapons:
Nemesus possessed some degree of magical aptitude that was somehow tied to his role as heir to the throne of his brother. Among his enchantments were a cloud that could cut through earth, hurricane forces winds produced from an air hole in a mountainside, and a mind-controlling trance. Nemesus also had possession of at least two strange fire-breathing creatures that resembled a golden donkey with a lion mane and a rhinoceros horn. However, Nemesus was believed to lose all his power when Dion became engaged to Lydia.

Quote: "By Pluto, I never thought of that!"

Created by Jack Miller & Joe Certa

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