Thursday, March 21, 2013

2012 Malefic Space City Con Commission WIP by Adrian Nelson

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Yesterday I posted the finished version of this piece, acquired in August of last year. I had a bad night (or rather, my girlfriend had a bad day and I got the brunt of the consequences that night) and didn't get around to drafting a post for today. Trying to pull something together before going in to work, I stumbled upon the piece in progress in artist Adrian Nelson's deviantART gallery...
"Commission done at the Space City Con. I don't remember the characters name but loved the design. This isn't the finished commission either. I ended up doing a full color take on it because I was in the mood to fiddle with it. The owner promised to scan it in and send it to me."
Oops. Did I? Crap. Totally forgot about that. Um... better three quarters of a year late than never? In my defense, the dude's had my email since I scanned him the Bloodwynd commission, if he wanted to remind me...

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