Thursday, March 14, 2013

March Madness: The Mediterranean: Round 2

"For some time, J'onn J'onzz was active in the Mediterranean under the orders of a special secret department to demolish the world-wide criminal organization VULTURE and unmask its faceless leader, Mister V. J'onzz assumed the identity of international playboy Marco Xavier, taking up residence in the posh villa of the assumed dead accomplice to VULTURE..."
Maxwell Lord IV was amused by Oberon's bounding and rudimentary gunplay, and for old time's sake, he didn't give his old friend an aneurysm after locking into and shutting down his mind. Lord continued down the halls of the Carré Company, seeking their highly desired new invention. Using a keycard to enter their labs, Max stumbled upon King Faraday finishing off Tom "The Trickster" Trent. There was no love lost between the former Checkmate associates, and a prize to be won...

Pierre Carré explained, "M'sieu Szuzi, you cannot comprehend the advancements my company has made by reaching backward toward an understanding greater than mere science. I have in my employ a man of such extraordinary intellect that he will revolutionize the evolution of the world itself! That's exactly what Aldo Szuzi was afraid of...

Mister Steele cursed, "The powers you're trying to unleash are not meant for mankind! They wrote mythical tragedies about this kind of thing!" Hannibal Martin smirked, "Oppenheimer said much the same thing, and if we'd listened to him, we never would have lived in the American Century. This will secure the United States our millennium. Whatever happens between you and I in this room, the wheels are already in motion, spinning faster than you can stop." Steele fired a tranquilizer dart at Martin, then moved on through to the office of the seat of power, where he found Carré and Szuzi...

"Au revoir, Mademoiselle Fouchere," said Princess Cassandra as she progressed through the halls of the Harovian palace. Triggering a disguised mechanism in a suit of armor, Cassandra entered a secret passageway within the castle's walls. Discovering a crumpled form draped in a brown trench coat, the Princess turned it over to reveal the battered DEO agent Cameron Chase. She'd run afoul of the thieving hands of Gypsy...

Prince Rudolph may not have been the most steadfast combatant, but he did have half a millennium of advancement on military theory to draw from in defeating the forces of Prince Charles. As he rode his steed toward the event horizon of the temporal anomaly that had made the improbable conflict possible, the sound of hoofs on dirt changed to a clopping upon hardwood. Charles had been miraculously transported to the posh Mediterranean villa of Marco Xavier. Vacationing musical guest Perkins Preston was all shook up over the good rockin' tonight, his left hook meeting Dion's right eye with such force that he was a real gone cat afterward. Perkins spotted another anachronous intruder in his buddy's house, and demanded "Don't! Don't rip it up! I'm just a poor boy with no money honey! Don't be cruel, King Creole, makin' this a heartbreak hotel." Prince Rudolph lifted his sword, while Preston defended with his ax...


Anj said...

I don't want to live in a world where Maxwell Lord defeats King Faraday.

will_in_chicago said...

Hmm, if I was King Faraday, and knew that Maxwell Lord was a telepath, I would aim several rounds to the head. (Hmm, that might be one of Maxwell Lord's greatest fears -- to be reduced to a normal human he claims to protect from others. It would be a fitting fate.)

Diabolu Frank said...

Lord vs. King! (11 votes)
Maxwell Lord IV 4 (36%)
King Faraday 7 (63%)

The Business of Murder! (8 votes)
Pierre Carré 1 (12%)
Aldo Szuzi 0 (0%)
Mister Steele 7 (87%)

Who will be The King? (8 votes)
Prince Rudolph 3 (37%)
Perkins Preston 5 (62%)

The Princess & the Pauper! (11 votes)
Princess Cassandra 2 (18%)
Gypsy 9 (81%)