Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Madness: Middletown: Round 2

When J’onn J’onzz was first stranded on Earth, he chose to make his home in quaint, quirky Middletown U.S.A. Joining the local police department, “John Jones” served as a detective for many years alongside the proud patrols of the fair city. Today, the burg hosts a that has attracted luminaries from across the nation… to their grisly demise...
Thomas Lappas walked away from the law enforcement convention to catch some fresh air, leaving Lieutenant Saunders to consider his own envy. Despite being around longer, Saunders watched Captain Harding surpass him in rank and visibility, to the point where everyone seemed to forget the Lieutenant ever existed. Meanwhile, as Officer Pat Brady approached Harding, the Captain caught sight of him out of the corner of his eye. Harding spun around and drew. "Bang!"

You know, Patrolman Slade didn't actually have a truncheon on him, nor the nerve to use it on an unarmed, unsuspecting fellow officer. The patrolwomen writhing on the floor in a fierce struggle appeared considerably less inhibited. Sally Winters could have given most any cop a run for their money in a physical dispute, but the anger and determination of Diane Meade was epic. Before long, Winters was bruised and bleeding on the floor, prompting Mike Hanson to try grabbing Meade's hands to stop her pounding poor Sally's head into pulp. Perhaps not the wisest move on his part…

Sergeant Bob Segarini may have been comparatively less svelte and in fact downright comical in the company of the fit patrolmen of the ballroom, but Segretti hadn't exactly shown a lot of spine in his day. Burt Biloxi was quite the weasel his own self, and soon slunk out the door under Karen Smith's whithering stare. That left Bob and Karen, both of whom had entered John Jones' life at about the same time, and both having suffered through his unethical manipulations…

While Dick Ruark may have run some positive stories about the Middletown police in the past, Spencer Lee's conservative slant played well with the boys in blue, who helped show Dick the door. Amazing, given Lee's less than kindly views on the late John Jones, or perhaps not, since Jones' exceptionalism overshadowed many other careers. Meanwhile, Lee screamed for his cameraman. Willy's cap gun had provided him no defense from the inexplicable wrath of Patty Marie as he collapsed to the floor, a sticky red mist marking his path…

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Diabolu Frank said...

Pulling Rank! (7 votes)
Lieutenant Saunders 1 (14%)
Captain Harding 6 (85%)

Patrolman/Patrolwoman (9 votes)
Diane Meade 8 (88%)
Mike Hanson 1 (11%)

Annual Allies! (6 votes)
Karen Smith 5 (83%)
Sergeant Bob Segarini 1 (16%)

Child Star vs. the Media (5 votes)
Spencer Lee 2 (40%)
Patty Marie 3 (60%)