Sunday, September 29, 2013

2013 “Martian Manhunter by Ray Bradbury and Frank Frazetta” color art

Click To Expand & Enlarge. Not Entirely Safe for Work

CBR's Comics Should Be Good columnists offered a challenge as part of The Line it is Drawn:
"...We thought it would be interesting to have you come up with all-time dream runs that would never happen on various superhero titles and our artists will try to make it come to life as best that they can. Ernest Hemingway/Steve Ditko on Superman? Bill Watterson on X-Force? James Joyce/Pablo Picasso on Spider-Man? Feel free to get weird!"
Gus Lindgren suggested Ray Bradbury & Frank Frazetta team up on the Manhunter from Mars, which Nick Perks rendered sumptuously. However, there is implied full frontal nudity in the completed image, as well as a twist ending, so be forewarned before clicking the link in the image offered.


mathematicscore said...

Just hangin out with telepathic construct babes, NBD.

aota said...

That is pretty cool.

Diabolu Frank said...

Jeez, where have you guys been?