Thursday, September 5, 2013

2013 Martian Manhunter Space City Con Head Sketch by Art Thibert

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Art Thibert is one of the best embellishers in the business. A lot of inkers are just craftsmen who fill out pencil art, or you have superstars who use a penciler for de facto breakdowns that they overwhelm with their own style. Thibert's one of those rare talents whose work is instantly recognizable, and elevates the finished product, but who also partners with a broad array of pencilers to enhance their work, not assimilate it. I first took note of him when he made Dan Jurgens' work on Adventures of Superman all shiny and modern. I waited for years for his proposed Nightwing mini-series to surface, but he ended up moving to the X-titles instead, where he proved himself as a pretty darned fine penciler on his own. Today, Thibert may be best known for his lengthy partnership with Mark Bagley, producing over a hundred combined issues of Ultimate Spider-Man and Trinity.

I have a few pieces I'm interested in having finished and jazzed up, and discussed the prospect with Thibert at Space City. He was initially hesitant, lacking his usual tools, and it turned out he'd never gotten to draw the Martian Manhunter before, which simply would not do. Thibert whipped up this nifty J'Onn J'Onzz head sketch in short order, and I'm happy to see this particular itch scratched!

Art Thibert


LissBirds said...

Ooooh. I like this a lot! Very clean, very efficient.

Also, I love it when artists put frames behind a subject. Really gives it a nice touch.

I'm not familiar with Art Thibert (probably because I don't read much Marvel,) so it's good to find a new artist to admire.

Anj said...

I am super jealous.

I love Charest's work and would beg, borrow, and steal for a commission.

Congrats on this great piece.

Diabolu Frank said...

Liss, Thibert did a Time Masters mini-series in the early '90s that you might like. Never read it myself, but Rip Hunter seems like your kind of guy.