Saturday, September 14, 2013

Scorch vs. Captain Cold

Aubrey Sparks
Debut: 2000
Nemesis: Fernus
Other Major Foes: Superman, Martian Manhunter
Appearances: 25+ comics
Powers: Fire control and teleportation.

Bio: Aubrey Sparks was a redneck transformed by Emperor Joker into a hard-living devil girl. Her mental instability caused her to clash with various heroes until she struck up a bargain with J'Onn J'Onzz to fix her mind if she cured his weakness against fire. Both were temporarily successful, until the ancient Martian id monster Fernus cooked her brain.

Vile Menagerie Stats
Win: S'vor (9-6); Bel Juz (7-4*); Human Flame (9-4); Effigy
Lose: Bette Noir (7-8*); Killer Frost (4-17); The Saturnian Criminal (4-5)
Draw: 0
*Denotes multi-participant match, rather that a duel.

captain cold photo: Captain Cold CaptainCold.jpg

Captain Cold
Debut: 1957
Nemesis: The Flash
Other Major Foes: Other Flash Rogues.
Appearances: 500+ comics, numerous cartoons, a live action television episode, and some video games.
Powers: Can generate freezing cold and slow the molecules within himself and others; for example, slowing the Flash to normal human speed through a field of inertia.

Bio: In the New 52, Leonard Snart blamed the Flash for an EMP that interfered with his sister receiving life-saving laser surgery. Thanks to experimental modifications made to his body, Captain Cold has the power to mete out lethal vengeance.

Vile Menagerie Stats:
Win: Alex Dunster (12-0)
Lose: 0
Draw: 0

Idol Speculation:
Leonard Snart was one of the first villains of the Silver Age, predating Mr. Freeze by two years. He pitted his freeze gun against the Flash for fifty-five years, though he spent a decade or so as a bit of a joke after Barry Allen died. I became a fan during that period, starting with a guest appearance in Manhunter, but I was happy to see him redeemed as a threat under Mark Waid and Geoff Johns. More recently, in the New 52, Captain Cold's freezing abilities have been internalized and magnified.

That's great and all, but Scorch was built to fight members of the Superman Family and the Manhunter from Mars. The only Flash villains that can seriously punch in that class don't tend to be classified among the typical Rogues, and Captain Cold is the archetypal Rogue. The Pre-Flashpoint veteran Cold didn't have the raw power to hang with Aubrey Sparks, and the new model is a comparative rookie who arguably still doesn't. Even if Snart froze Sparks, she could just teleport away and roast him later. The lady takes it.

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Justin S. Davis said...

The Rogues' Gallery (yeah, they had an apostrophe, once) are my favorite villains, but I gotta begrudgingly agree with your assessment of the battle.

And, man...I am NOT liking the "internalized-weapon-powered" Rogues. Part of their greatness was the reliance on tech.

Feh. The Nu52 makes me surly.

Anj said...

No Brainer.


After all, I think she made it to the final four of your March Madness tourney last year.

Diabolu Frank said...

Justin, shooting fire out of one's man-breast is supposed to be the Human Flame's thing, not Heat Wave's. I do like some of the redesigns, at least up to a point. For instance, I think Captain Cold has needed new duds for a long time, and I can even deal with the lack of sleeves, but his being a 20something blond kills it for me. While hunting around for pictures, I saw a lot of shots of Cold and Heat Wave getting gangster with their guns, and that was way cooler than being the latest generic fire/cold guys.

Anj, I was hoping for a home run for Scorch, since she was mauled by Killer Frost earlier this year.

will_in_chicago said...

I think that Scorch would win any contest -- she is far more powerful than any version of Captain Cold.

Diabolu Frank said...

Hot N Cold:

Aubrey Sparks vs. Leonard Snart ended appropriately enough in a dead heat. Scorch and Captain Cold evenly split ten votes.

LissBirds said...

I still vote for Captain Cold. As for his fashion choices, furry boots are just so retro-chic.