Saturday, September 3, 2016

2014 The Headmaster Comicpalooza Commission by Lane Montoya

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I broke a Comicpalooza tradition last year after getting Lane Montoya pieces in 2012 (Gypsy, Jemm & Princess Cha'rissa) 2013 (D'Kay D'Razz) and this number in 2014. In fact, I only got one single piece of art at Comicpalooza last year, which I still haven't posted, as I was more preoccupied with getting interviews from J.M. DeMatteis, Peter David, and Mike McKone for Martian Manhunter's 60th Anniversary Special: A Celebration of the Alien Atlas Part 1 & Part 2. I also wanted to get Matthew Sturges, Louise Simonson and more, but to be frank, it took time and an emotional toll to screw up the nerve to deal with getting those first three recordings, and I felt pretty spent thereafter. So, unfortunately, no Montoya last year, and I haven't been gung-ho about commissions in general since letting this blog fall by the wayside outside of the podcasts. This beast isn't as hungry for content when the schedule goes from 365 posts a year to a dozen or two, plus it would be nice to pay off some of these credit cards that put me through school instead of dropping a few grand across Houston's 3+ shows this year.

Wait-- you say this was the 30th anniversary of one of my favorite movies, Aliens, and the cast came to town before hitting SDCC? And wouldn't it be neat to get their signatures on character specific commissions? Game over, man! Okay, I'll try to keep it down to a grand.

But back to the piece, this is a nifty number featuring Headmaster, the Al Gore of actual gore-- specifically decapitating people so they can all fit in his space ark to escape the inevitable destruction of Earth while continuing the palest imitation of life! I think the reds really bring out the violence in the character (and y'know, the claws.)

Lane Montoya

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