Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Cube-Trap

Mongul the Merciless possessed technology which allowed him to shrink people to the height of roughly half a foot and seal them in a clear cube. The Cube-Trap's prisoners' diminutive size alone was usually enough to reduce their abilities to a fraction of their normal potency. The Cube-Trap could levitate and shrink at Mongul's will, crushing anyone inside. Indications suggest Mongul could maintain only one Cube-Trap at a time.

According to the calculations of Brainiac 5, the Cube-Trap was a form of dimensional-inversion designed to absorb an occupant's powers as they are spent against it. He also believed the Cube-Trap was powered by red-solar energy, leaving Superman especially vulnerable to it.

The Cube-Controls were located in Mongul's rectangular chestpiece, which could be shattered with sufficient force. Attempts to destroy its "death-dealing circuits" while in use would result in the automatic, instantaneous demise of the cube's occupants. The Cube-Trap itself was susceptible to extreme heat, along the lines of Sun Boy's emanations or Superman's heat vision. Mongul also possessed stationary models of the Cube-Trap projector, which could imprison captives indefinitely.

First Appearance: DC Comics Presents #27 (November, 1980)

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