Sunday, October 10, 2010

1991-92 Impel DC Cosmic Cards #110- Vandal Savage

The plan was to run the latest Justice synopsizes last night, but days without proper sleep took over instead. I've also got four tests next week, so it's a good thing I have some material stockpiled for this blog. However, my other blogs will suffer for the inJustice, so I'll sneak the look at the book in mid-week when I'm up at 3 a.m. to start cramming before an exam.

For today, I've had a big ol' binder of trading cards lying around to pull Martian Manhunter rogues from, but kept thinking that my other blogs could tie-in real easily to such a post...

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Anonymous said...

Are there any Malefic cards. I have never seen any merchandise for Malefic. Do you know if there is any?

Diabolu Frank said...

To the best of my knowledge, there are none. I don't believe he's turned up in the Heroclix or VS gaming systems, which would be the most likely places.

LissBirds said...

Rip Hunter was Vandal Savage's first foe? I didn't know that.

Diabolu Frank said...

I found that statement highly dubious, myself. Green Lantern was Vandal Savage's first published foe, and per Grant Morrison Andro or Batman would be the first canonical foe. The Immortal Man likely fits in there somewhere, as well. I expect the Rip Hunter name drop was to help promote the Time Masters mini-series released in the early '90s. Savage was the big bad there, and fought Rip across several eras.