Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Which Martian Manhunter Villains are among the Top 15 most interesting to our "Idol-Heads?"

Analysis of the January I-HoD villains poll has finally broken into the Top 15 favorites, constituting a four-way tie for Fifth Place in terms of total votes (9 each, representing 28% of all respondents.) Two of these guys are in The Vile Menagerie, one is embarrassingly long overdue, and the rest are a group of dark horses.

Commander Blanx

Blanx has had a Vile Menagerie entry since the start of my second year, and I've covered every one of his comic book appearances in detail (although two comics aren't that hard to write up.) As of this writing, I have three spaces left on my top 10 most important Martian Manhunter villains list, and he'll take one of them.

The Devil Men of Pluto

The Devil Men appeared in one of the earlier issues of House of Mystery I owned while writing entries for my first Martian Manhunter site in the late '90s. I ported that entry with few alterations into a post here within the first couple of months of this blog's operation. The Devil Men appeared right between the Diabolu Idol-Head and Vulture periods, and were in the story that constituted the beginning of the violent closing run of the book.Their heads were a little silly looking, but they had cool costumes, and their story was a massive sea change from all the strips that came before it. It seems I really need to give these devils their due, with a VM entry and possibly a rewrite of that earlier synopsis.

Mr. V/Faceless

I've put off doing a Faceless Vile Menagerie entry because there aren't exactly a wealth of flattering full body images to work off of, and his history has some convolutions. It's always been a bygone conclusion though, since I rated him The Fourth Most Important Martian Manhunter Adversary.

Vandal Savage

Vandar Adg is one of my favorite comic book villains, period. Immortals are always cool, and ones that have experienced the whole of human history are cooler still. Couple that with Savage, despite his sophistication, being a caveman and heart-- not to mention his always siding with/commanding the worst creeps throughout all time, and you've got an exceptional quality bastard. I can't believe I've gone three years without covering the Justice League Task Force, but we've got something special to look forward to...


LissBirds said...

I forgot about that Commander Blanx sketch and how awesome it is!!

I'm looking forward to the JLTF coverage, as I know next to nothing about it!

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Diabolu Frank said...

You know why I still haven't gotten to JLTF? Bloodwynd. I never finished his coverage, which led into J'Onn's spin-off, and nobody has ever asked for me to continue. What say I skip to the Zero Hour revamp for this year's "December of Despero?" Maybe I should set up a poll?