Sunday, October 3, 2010

Which Martian Manhunter Villains would you like to read about here 2010?

In January, I ran a poll that asked the simple question, "Which Martian Manhunter Villains would you like to read about here? Check all that apply." I then ran my list of eighty-eight bad guys I'd compiled a couple of years ago as potential candidates for The Vile Menagerie, to see who readers really wanted showcased on this blog. Over the course of the following nine months, I've analyzed and commented on these findings, with the intention to bring the consideration to a close for Halloween. The following is a directory of those posts, with additional notes...

Which Martian Manhunter Villains Do You Least Want To Read About?

I combined two tiers of vote-getters for the first overview. One thing they most had in common was that they either already had VM entries or had otherwise been extensively covered here. I suspect that means folks were more interested in the new than greater depth on the old. Exceptions were Asmodel, already pretty well known from JLA, recent mini-series & Wikipedia, as well as Rott, who probably lost points for stupid '90s spelling.

3 votes each (9% of total respondents)
  • Bel Juz
  • The Osprey
  • Re's Eda
  • The Thythen

4 votes each (12% of total respondents)
  • Asmodel
  • The Conjurer
  • The Marshal (Soldiers of the Red Brotherhood)
  • The Martian Mandrills
  • N'or Cott
  • Rott
  • Scary Monsters
  • Triumph
  • Tybalt Bak'sar

Which Martian Manhunter Villains Are Your Second Least Interesting?

Again, a lot of these guys have turned up here, at the Absorbascon blog, and on encyclopedic reference sites. A number of generic "Mars" subjects also fell here. I don't think I want to live in a world where Wiley Dalbert rates higher than the Marshal, I'm afraid.

5 votes each (15% of total respondents)
  • Antares & the Clanetary System
  • B'enn B'urnzz
  • B'rett
  • Baron Voto
  • The Falcon
  • Inflict
  • King Zeus
  • Korge
  • Marlon's Beast
  • Martian Marauders
  • Professor Amos Fortune
  • Professor Proxon & the College of Crime
  • The Prophet
  • The Pyre
  • Renegades of Mars
  • Ryx
  • Wiley Dalbert

Which Martian Manhunter Villains Do You Have The Most Middling Interest In?

I suspect there isn't much personal interest in characters from prior to this point, while personal preferences began to factor here. Dr. Light, Doomsday, Effigy, Fernus, and Lobo are all polarizing figures with their share of fans and detractors. There was also a mix of extreme dark and light characters (serial killers vs. animal-themed thieves.) Finally, a number of significant Silver Age villains landed here.

6 votes each (18% of total respondents)
Alex Dunster
Bloodworms of Mars
Cosmic Creature
The Diabolu Idol-Head
Doctor Light
Duffy, Serial Cop Killer
The Human Squirrel
The Hyperclan
Invaders From the Space Warp
The Magician-Thief Who Had Super Powers
Mr. Moth
Monty Moran
Saturninan Criminal
Vulkor, the Capsule Master
Weapons Master

Which Martian Manhunter Villains does an average number of our readership have an interest in?

This is where the understandable common interest comes in. Two characters tied to the death of the Martian Manhunter in Final Crisis, John Jones' first foes, many of the best one-off Silver Age villains, and a couple of JLA baddies.

7 votes each (21% of total respondents)
Devon Mob
Doctor Samedi
The General
Human Flame
The Mercurian
Professor Ivo
The Swarm
Tor, The Robot Criminal of Mars
Thantos-- the 3-In-1 Man

Which Martian Manhunter Villains do One-Quarter of all "Idol-Heads" want to read about here?

On the back end were characters people aren't into who have been covered to satisfaction. This tier involves villains who have been covered plenty on the internet, but are well liked enough that folks still want more. These characters often figured into well regarded stories (Lengends, American Secrets, "For The Man Who Has Everything,") or were among the finest fiends of their periods (Silver Age, Ostrander & Mandrake.)

8 votes each (25% of total respondents)
  • Brimstone
  • Director Bones
  • The Headmaster
  • Master Gardener
  • Mongul
  • Professor Arnold Hugo

Which Martian Manhunter Villains are among the Top 15 most interesting to our "Idol-Heads?"

9 votes each (28% of total respondents)
  • Commander Blanx
  • The Devil Men of Pluto
  • Mr. V/Faceless
  • Vandal Savage

Commander Blanx was the original Malefic, and somehow didn't crack the top ten. Same goes for Mr. V, who was the Manhunter's first legitimate ongoing threat. I like Vandal Savage a lot, so let's hear it for the '90s. The Devil Men were a big surprise for me, but as one hit wonder go, pretty alright guys.

Which Martian Manhunter Villains are among your Fourth most Interesting?

10 votes each (31% of total respondents)
  • Captain Horatio Destiny
  • Doctor Trap
  • Kanto
  • The Lizard Men
  • Scorch

Some serious head-scratching on Capt. Destiny, but the rest make sense, between American Secrets, JLA & Ostrander/Mandrake devotees.

Which Martian Manhunter Villains are among your Third most Interesting?

11 votes each (34% of total respondents)
  • Darkseid
  • Despero
  • Gorilla Grodd

Three of the most popular DC villains, regardless of association with J'Onn J'Onzz? Not a shocker.

Which Martian Manhunter Villains do Idol-Head Readers find Most Interesting?

12 votes each
  • Bette Noir
  • Cay'an
13 votes
  • Ma'alefa'ak


LissBirds said...

I want to know who the five other people are who voted for The Human Squirrel, besides myself.

will_in_chicago said...

Liss, I might have voted for the Human Squirrel, confusing him with the Marvel Comics character of the same name. (I may have also thought I HAVE to see what the story is behind this one.)

Tom Hartley said...

I voted for him. Respect the Squirrel!