Thursday, October 14, 2010

2009 Sinestro Corps Mongul sketch by Pat Gleason

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mathematicscore said...

Your comments in the Darkseid post above juxtaposed with this Gleason portrait raise the question...What did you think of Mongul's presence in the GL books as a Yellow Lantern? I know Gleason is a mixed bag in your opinion, but I'm interested to hear your take.

Diabolu Frank said...

For starters, to be clear, I really like Pat Gleason's work. Aquaman turned me into a fan, and Green Lantern Corps was fantastic. I complain about him on Brightest Day because I think he's been overworked and is running on fumes. I was looking forward to his drawing Martian Manhunter there, but between his phoning it in and some design choices I disagreed with (Miss Martian by way of Princess Fiona, the anorexic brow, & the black '70s Hulk fingernails) it's just been a disappointment.

As for Mongul, I'm happy his profile and competency have gone way up since getting out from under Superman's thumb. He started out as a serious badass, became a wuss, and it pleases me he's now taking on Green Lanterns by the dozen. However, it seems like Tomasi only ever read the one Alan Moore story, and processed it through a seriously sadistic sensibility. Regardless, Mongul's better off, and will surely fight J'Onn again finally if we get a Tomasi-written ongoing.

mathematicscore said...

Good call. Letter writing campaign to Tomasi with links to DC Comics Presents 27?