Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Which Martian Manhunter Villains are among your Fourth most Interesting?

The breakdown of the results of the January Idol-Head of Diabolu most interesting villains poll has reached the five-way tie for Fourth Place in terms of total votes (10 each, representing 31% of all respondents.) I strongly suspect that part of the rational is that these are prominent Martian Manhunter-related characters from the '90s/early '00s that usually haven't gained much traction on this blog (or sometimes anywhere else.) I expect their more recent vintage also means they have their firsthand fans, as opposed to the rogues introduced through back issues or accounts at venues like mine.

Captain Horatio Destiny
At first I assumed this ranking was due to Ostrander/Mandrake fans embracing another character I have no use for. I mean, every day is International Talk Like A Pirate Day for Capt. Destiny, as he's a space swashbuckler/mercenary who got caught up in the four part slashing and burning of Jemm continuity called "Rings of Saturn." However, I now realize that name hints at a lot of character, yet he's a non-entity if you search for him online. There's only a stub at Comicvine, and I couldn't find any other encyclopedic sites that bothered with the character. I didn't even see him on a quick Google image search. I feel badly about that slight, so I suppose I'll be needing to take up the gauntlet on his behalf.

Doctor Trap

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Dr. Trap is the twisted modern version of Prof. Hugo. Since I have no desire to see the actual Hugo done that way, I'm relieved Trap was borrowed from Chase to serve in that capacity. Dr. Trap has yet to prove himself formidable enough to take on the Martian Manhunter, but he provides a bridge between the hero and excellent supporting character DEO Agent Cameron Chase. I'm low on Trap appearances to cover, but if readers reconsider Chase's middling reception in another poll, I can set time aside for her. I could swing some more Director Bones at well, if that sweetens the deal.


I've never been wild about New Gods being tied into DC series, or vice versa, because someone always comes off looking really bad through the association. Still, Kanto as Darkseid's personal assassin is a keen idea rarely executed well (ba-dum-bump,) and I can't recall his ever been handled better than in Martian Manhunter. A minor Apokolips figure pitted against a lesser JLA member (in comparison to the primary players from each group) feels like a lateral move for both parties. If you're going to do it, this is the way how.

Lizard Men

I never cared about the Lizard Men. For me, they were just another race of shape-shifting aliens among many. Apparently though, they're J'Onn's adversarial race, and dear to the hearts of other American Secrets fans. I have terrible visual reference for these guys on this blog, and their VM entry is incorporated into the Master Gardener's. Seems folks feel they need their own.


The semi-satanic trailer trash love interest editors used to "make Martian Manhunter interesting" in JLA. Scorch as a concept is someone I find promising, but in practice she was part of serious problems I had with Joe Kelly's JLA. I've avoided her because I felt she received coverage enough elsewhere, but maybe I should make her a focal character during next year's Valentine's Day materials?


mathematicscore said...

Heck yes. Valentines day.

The thing about Capt Destiny, is that I thought he had actual backstory from how he was portrayed. Like when space cabbie shows up in modern age stories. By virtue of being a archetypal cliche job, I demand more appearances!

Anonymous said...

American Secrets greatest MM story ever! One of my greatest e bay buys 2 dollars for all 3

LissBirds said...

I hate Valentine's Day enough already, so go for it! It'll go nicely with Damian's Valentine's Day coverage.