Thursday, October 7, 2010

2006 Gorilla Grodd: From Bruce Wayne's private files in the Batcomputer

Now that I've finally gotten the four issues of the Justice mini-series I expected to have 3-4 months back from a friend, I've picked up from where our coverage left off in August. The gap was unnecessary, but there are worse months than October to resume such a villain-centric story.

In the additional materials portion of the opportunistically priced book were pages of Alex Ross' pencil designs accompanied by text from Jim Krueger writing as Batman. With familiar characters there was an attempt made at critical analysis, but lesser knowns and bad guys tended to receive a simple informational biography. Such was the case with Gorilla Grodd, recipient of a two page spread in the third issue involving a pair of head shots (with and without electrodes,) a full body (Grodd looking up to his own raised paw,) and the image above. Three of those four were referenced to the point of being exceptional drawings of an unexceptional gorilla, and two were marred by the central fold, so I went with the full-on Super-Gorilla Sci-Fi Mixmaster one. Hey Mr. DJ S-GG, drop us a  phat brain-chomping beat on your Cruise-Tron 2000 board! Word to your primate!

...Why yes, I am Anglo-Saxon. Why do you ask?

"...Detective mon a says a did a me Snow me stab somewhere down the lane, a-licky-Boom-Boom-Down..."

Anyway, you can see all of Ross' preliminary designs for Gorilla Grodd here.

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LissBirds said...

Grodd throws some pretty sick parties, I'd wager.

I've always been impressed by artists who can draw gorillas so well. (Actually, who can draw any animal well. There's a couple lame Kryptos out there. And forget horses...)