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Of the Martians imprisoned in a government facility as part of a plot by Cay'an against the Martian Manhunter, Jornell was the most seemingly reasonable adult. While Jornell was the first to threaten action and question the Manhunter during the liberation of his fellow captives, Jornell was also the first to call for civil relations with their rescuer. Early on, Jornell put his faith in J'Onzz, deferring to his wisdom with regard to survival on Earth. Sadly, Jornell's freedom was short lived. He was shot by a special agent named Giggs with a sniper rifle modified to kill Martians during a helicopter assault on the penthouse where Jornell's group had been staying.

First Appearance: Martian Manhunter #2 (November, 2006)

Group Affiliation: The Others

Distinguishing Features: Jornell wore an orange bodysuit with a purple sash and belt. He was alternately referred to as J'orneel and Sy'rann, so perhaps one name was informal or his first name, and maybe he was referred to by the second to mark his passing into the afterlife. Jornell chose to be a dwarf, standing roughly half the size of his fellow "Green Martians," and a head shorter than the child Till'all. It is unknown whether his diminutive stature would have translated to his natural White Martian form. During his brief stints in human guise, Jornell preferred the appearance of a well dressed bespectacled Caucasian little person with a receding brown hairline and bowtie.

Quote: "It's hard to accept things as they are and not as we wish them to be. You've had years to understand the feelings we're dealing with. We've had but days. Though all of this must be hard on you, as well."

Created by A.J. Lieberman & Al Barrionuevo

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