Thursday, September 13, 2012

2011 “Z'Onn Z'Orr: Martian Huntress” animation-style fan fiction by N:TAS

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N:TAS DCU: Z'Onn Z'Orr: Martian Huntress 3-12-11

At the Super Buddies message board, there's a user under the handle "NightwingTAS" who builds digital figure models off the Bruce Timm DC Animated Series template for further fan fiction adventures of his own devising. Number 2 in the "Z'Onn "Z'Orr" series, here's his take on K'hym J'onzz...

Ok I changed her name from Martian Girlhunter to the Martian Huntress.

J'onn thought that the Martian race was extinct, until he found an amulet that belonged to his daughter K'hym, and he went on a search, and was shocked to find his daughter being held in stasis by the government, along with a few others. J'onn rescued them and since she has been freed young K'hym has adapted to life on earth and has taken the human name Kim Jones and joined her father as the Martian Huntress.
N:TAS went on to explain that K'hym would idolize M'gann M'orzz as her "big sister," and in her heroic identity takes on her red-headed bob. You can see that version of the Martian Huntress here. For myself, while this is very sweet and cute, I think the tragedy that drives J'Onn is lessened considerably if he's only a widower. Losing his kid is that extra gut punch denied most super-heroes, and explains why an adult male would hang out with teenage girls. I vastly prefer "surrogate daughters" to "prospective interspecial child brides" or "JLJB." This does remind me of a story idea I had that would probably be pointless in the current continuity, not to mention in poor taste.

In the J.M. DeMatteis version of J'Onn's origin, J'Onzz is teleported to Earth while cradling K'hym's body in his arms. That meant K'hym's plague-ridden corpse was still on Earth somewhere. So many morbid directions to go with that. Probably best we don't though.

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will_in_chicago said...

I think that living K'hym dead and having J'Onn being the last of his immediate family, save for his insane brother, makes sense. It ads to his sorrow and encourages him to be a mentor to young heroes. (Yes, I know that the Red Tomato -- oops, Tornado - has this role in Young Justice but J'Onn should be more caring than a machine.)

I think that J'Onn finding other Martians, perhaps even a distant relative would mean a lot for him. However, I think that J'Onn is and should be a character who has a lot to mourn but still rises up to be a hero. (So far, the score for J'Onn is 2 wins versus the Justice League and Stormwatch (okay, he had some help on the last one.))

Luke said...

Of course, she could always be changed to be his niece instead. Niece, daughter, hey, it worked for Batgirl.