Monday, July 22, 2013

2013 Heroes Con “Ms. Martian” commission by Jenny Frison

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"This was my first commission from the awesome Jenny Frison, she totally outdid herself! It was great to meet her and pick up a couple of her fantastic sketch books.

Purchased at Heroes Con 2013"
I've enjoyed the issues of Revival I've read, for which Frison provides outstanding covers. It's not quite as good as the early Hack/Slash, but I'm still looking forward to getting the second trade paperback in a couple of weeks. I think I'm at the point of choosing between Revival and Walking Dead, probably not in Kirkman's favor. Anyway, I quite like Frison's slightly spooky ethereal take on M'gann.

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Anj said...

Frison is on my short list for Boston Comic-Con. This confirms what I already knew. Her commissions would be fantastic.