Friday, July 26, 2013

Suiting the Sleuth From Outer Space #10

In most of these redesign attempts, I run as far from red as I can, since it's vulgar when married to green, combining red with blue on a Supermanalike isn't okay, and it doesn't suit the sleuth aspect of the character. Here though, probably out of sheer frustration, I wallowed in it. Actually, what I did was have J'Onn J'Onzz cosplay as Adam Warlock, one of my lifelong favorite characters. Warlock and the Manhunter have a lot of similarities in terms of their presentation, so it seems natural to link the two, not least of which because of the Drax connection*. However, Adam Warlock has bronze skin and wears golden accessories, which perfectly match his red tunic with yellow highlights. Combining it with green and blue is a heinous fashion crime, and just to make it worse, I used a poor shade of celeste and dropped the bracelet faux pas in there for bad measure. This has to be near or at the nadir of not couture.

*Am I peeved that Drax will get a movie before J'Onn? Yes I am.

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