Monday, July 8, 2013

2013 Miss Martian Comicpalooza Commission by Johnny J. Segura III

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I didn't want to run any Awesomest Alien Atlas Art I personally commissioned, because I wasn't sure how well visited such a post might be over the holiday weekend, and I like the stuff I pay for to get the most possible eyes. Instead, I figured we'd push the weekly post to this M'gann M'orzz Miss Martian Monday, as presented by Johnny Segura. He did three villains for me last year, and another this year, so I figured it was about time we gave him a chance to show his sweeter side! Once again, Segura used one of my old 1990s comic art boards I'd sat on for ages, so it's a nice big 11"x17" of full color art. This was my first Megan Morse piece, and you might wonder why it took so long. I do like the character, but there are so many people drawing her for free thanks to Young Justice, I don't feel there's much need for me to pony up. However, I thought Segura's style was so well suited to the character, I might as well get the one. My girlfriend also picked up his Freakazoid print. If you'd like to get some pieces of your own done, order his $45.00 8.5 x 11" or $120.00 11 x 17" eBay commissions!

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