Wednesday, April 2, 2014

2013 D'Kay D'Razz Comicpalooza Commission by Austin Rogers

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Austin “Redbeard” Rogers returns for a second piece of Awesomest Alien Atlas Art Anytime! Following his Martian Manhunter vs. the Scary Monsters, here's the mass murdering madwoman D'Kay D'Razz, the other last survivor of the Red Planet per Brightest Day. You know, I don't recall hearing anything about her time on her home planet before coming to Earth, or how she survived the plague. Hopefully, we'll get some more such details someday!


LissBirds said...

Is she in the N52 continuity? I lost track.

Diabolu Frank said...

To my recollection, Despero is the only pre-Flashpoint Martian Manhunter villain to be reestablished as same in the New 52. There isn't even a Malefic, as a new character has assumed his role in the destruction of Mars.