Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Weird War of Gilgana: Terrible Trio Title

The Orchestra of Doom floated toward a stone menagerie on a plateau of Gilgana, where their furry flaxen foe appeared to be caressing the art. Its yellow hue dimmed, but the statues soon came to unreal life. The Creature King never heard the demonic strains of the Doom Band-- only watching with satisfaction as they were played out by his bestial soldiers...

The Venomee had been successful at evading the Doom Shadow, but were unsure if their transformative touch would be wise to apply against The Chulko. Further, the vision powers of the Purple People were stymied by their need to avoid the Chulko's own paralyzing gaze. Would the approach of Iwangis and his creature army break this stalemate, or conquer its participants?

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Diabolu Frank said...

Terrible Trio Title:
The Chulko 25.00% 2 votes
Iwangis-- Creature King 62.50% 5 votes
The Venomee 12.50% 1 vote